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This book will include a complete management of your knee pain starting with brief knowledge about anatomical structures involved in Knee joint. What are the common injuries and medical conditions that can cause knee pain? The injuries are described in detail with its rehabilitation process. Initial pain management, Positioning, Compression, heat and cold application, Stage wise Rehabilitation, self exercises for strengthening the muscles supporting the knee joint, Stretching, Plyometric exercises, Agility training, Balance & Co-ordination Exercises, Self-massage techniques are explained in this book with proper illustrations. Apart from the rehabilitation, a holistic approach is used to treat various knee conditions which includes incorporation of herbs to reduce inflammation and stiffness, hydrotherapy, food & Nutrition, use of Essential oil for massaging knee and a lot more. This book will be a go-to guide for yourself or people undergoing TKR (Total Knee Replacement) or Ligament or Meniscus reconstruction surgery, as it gives you an insight about the surgery and the complications that comes with it. With pictorial representation we have tried to make this book more interesting and easy to understand. Hopefully, this book will give you a glimpse of all the areas related to knee pain.


SKU: DS-KREN-273-1
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