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Turkish Bath (Hammam)

 Welcome To Our Turkish Bath (Hammam)

Turkish Bath Hammam takes 1,5 hour
-45 minutes for scrub and bubble massage
-45 minutes for sauna, steam, shower and changing
The regular price for Hammam is $199 for 1.5 hour for one person.
The price for groups (4-10 people) is $149 per person
Operation hours: 9am – 9pm with the rotations between Woman and Man group every 2 hrs.

Regulations for the Public Hammam:

1. Available for male and female in our operation hours.

2. Customer should keep the underwear on, at all times.

3. All the supplies and cleaning stuff have to be available inside the Hammam (towels, scrub, materials, cleaning supplies.)

4. No phones allowed at the Hammam Zone.

Why Is It Recommended?

A Turkish bath is a hot steam hydro-therapy treatment which has a miraculous effect on both the mental and physical state of everyone. A Turkish bath is an excellent stress-buster too, thanks to the soothing and all-round relaxing effect the hot steam has on both body and mind. A Turkish bath is an ideal antidote to all those tensions that build up over the working day, banishing every kind of stress. The sense of wellbeing generated by the steam bath is not limited to only the psyche.


Don't Miss The Astonishing Benefits Of A Turkish Bath!


  • The first action of the heat is that it dilates the blood vessels which immediately improve the circulation, producing a positive tonic effect.

  • The pores in the skin also dilate making possible deep cleansing of the skin and thorough purification, all of which translates into softer, more elastic skin with a great glow.

  • The beneficial properties of a Turkish bath can also help people suffering from localized aches and pains.

  • The heat helps to shift lingering cold symptoms. Toxins such as salt, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol, heavy metals and other invasive organisms are expelled as the body heats up in the Turkish bath, as if basking in an artificial health-giving fever.



More about Turkish Hammam


  • Entering the Hammam will be found with 2 changing rooms, the Hammam Stone plate, showers and saunas.

  • Available to stay up to 2 hours.

  • Shorts are provided when getting ready in the change room. Washrooms are available inside Hammam.

  • Available to use saunas, steam cabinet and showers either before or after Hammam.

  • The first step, cleansing the body with hot water and soap.

  • A natural scrub to remove any bacteria or dead skin cells from the body.

  • Finishing off a bubble massage and hot water to remove the access scrub or soap.

Videos About Our Hammam (Turkish Bath)

Turkish Hammam Videos

Turkish Hammam Videos

Turkish Hammam Videos
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Techniques for Hammam

Techniques for Hammam

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Tour of Turkish Hammam

Tour of Turkish Hammam

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Turkish Hammam

Turkish Hammam

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