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about our spa resort

Paradise Wellness Day Spa Resort is dedicated to peace, health, and mental wellbeing of our clients. We provide them a sanctuary from the stress that degrades the quality of life. Paradise Wellness is a welcoming and open place for people from all around the world who would like to spend a relaxing, happy time with friends. For groups who want to organize any type of meeting in a very unique and relaxing environment. We can serve 100 folks at the same time.

Paradise is a place for people who like to discover unique ideas and who would like to taste multicultural healthy food, like fresh hummus, polish borscht or unique Mississauga salad. This is the best place for people who would like to come back to the roots and enjoy the experience of traveling back in time. Paradise Wellness is open for people who love art and beautiful hand made items carefully selected from all around the world. For everyone who likes instrumental life music. We are giving 5 minutes welcoming time to everyone who enter Paradise Wellness so everybody can get to know our unique environment for free.


In Paradise Wellness you can stimulate all your senses so we will let you participate in composing your meal. Imagine that you can smell the mint or rosemary or any other herb, just take it with your hand and put directly to your tea or salad. We will let you participate in craft games like puzzles or planting your own herbs in the nice flowerpot that you can take with you. We will give you a chance to press your own natural oil for internal and external use. The music played in Paradise Wellness is traditional and multicultural. 50% middle eastern and 50% from the rest of the world. We selected the best music from all around the world to help you relax not only your body but your brain as well. The music we chose has a very relaxing pace and rhythm. Only traditional lyrics about values that we appreciate and we love. It's proven that listening to good music helps you to elevate your mood and increase your brain function. It helps your vital signs to function in a normal relaxing pace allowing your body to concentrate and take a brake. This type of music brings back your good memories making you feel excited and happy.

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