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What is cupping and what are its benefits?

Cupping is one of the types of alternative medicine and prophetic medicine, and it is based on absorbing corrupt blood from the body through glass cups, and it has different types.

To the ancient Egyptian civilization, the Chinese civilization, the Middle East civilization,

In fact, according to traditional Chinese medicine, cupping therapy is believed to help remove blockages in the energy pathways, and get rid of imbalances in the body by stimulating the free flow of vital energy within its pathways.

In fact, cupping therapy is similar to Chinese acupuncture by following the meridian lines or energy pathways in the body; where there are five lines in the back area; It is the area where cupping is mostly done, with cupping being done on the hands, wrists, legs, and ankles, and cupping opens the channels through which life energy flows freely through the various tissues and organs of the body, and thus cupping is considered one of the available deep tissue treatments; Cupping affects tissues up to 10 centimeters deep from the surface of the skin.

Cupping benefits:

Its use by famous athletes to get rid of pain and treat muscular problems; Cupping helps to keep blood flowing through the circulatory system and not to stagnate in certain areas of the body.

The possibility of using cupping in the treatment of many diseases such as; Respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal problems, herpes zoster, acne, facial paralysis, cervical spondylosis, bronchitis,

Asthma, breathing problems, congestion, arthritis, digestive disorders, headaches, high blood pressure, fertility problems and infertility

In addition to the role of cupping in helping to relax the muscles, improve blood circulation in the arteries and veins, and calm the nervous system,

relieve back and neck pain,

get rid of anxiety, fatigue,

migraine headache,


cellulite or cellulite, aiding in weight loss,

removing toxins from the body, improving metabolism, eliminating constipation, improving digestion, promoting a healthy appetite,

treating blood disorders such as; Anemia, hemophilia, gynecological disorders, eczema, depression, varicose veins.

How cupping works The mechanism of cupping therapy is based on (1) the principle of vacuum suction; Where the therapist places special cups on certain sites of the skin, the most important of which are; The back, neck, and shoulders, and in fact there are several types of cups that are chosen according to the purpose of cupping, and the most prominent of these types is currently glass, and in the past, bamboo, clay, and animal horns were used to make cupping cups,

[2] After that, a flammable substance is placed such as; Paper, herbs, or alcoholic materials and ignited until the cups are heated, then flipped and placed on the skin to form a void inside the cup after its temperature drops, which leads to the pulling of the skin towards the cup and its redness as a result of the expansion of blood vessels in the area

It should be noted that these cups remain on the skin for 5-20 minutes, depending on the health status of the person, and usually a person needs several sessions ranging from 4-6 sessions separated by a few days.

There are two types of cupping: Dry cupping and wet cupping and they share the basic principle and the first steps, but wet cupping is characterized by the presence of an additional stage after leaving the cups for about three minutes on the skin and removing them, represented by making very small and light cuts or holes on the skin using a small scalpel, then re-positioning the cups to withdraw large quantities A small amount of blood is passed through the openings, and some اPrecautionary measures to prevent skin infection, the most important of which are; Apply an antibiotic ointment and a bandage to small wounds. Sometimes medical massage oil is placed on the skin before starting cupping, in order to facilitate the movement of the glass cups on the skin,

As for the new method of cupping, it is represented by using a pump made of rubber instead of setting fire to the traditional cups, and it is also possible to use cups made of silicone that allow the therapist to transfer them from one place to another on the skin in order to obtain a massage treatment.

Cupping side effects

_ Cupping treatment usually results in violet marks or circular bruises in the sites where the cups were placed, and it should be noted that these signs begin to fade after several days, _ and there are other side effects that are likely to appear, such as; Pain, swelling, burns, scarring, dizziness, lightheadedness, loss of consciousness, skin pigmentation, nausea,

As for wet cupping, it may be accompanied by infection, the appearance of scars, and the loss of a good amount of blood.] In fact, the therapist can reduce the risk of skin infection in the areas where cupping was performed by following the correct methods for cleaning the skin before and after the cupping session, and it is also worth wearing a protective cover, medical gloves for one use, and protective glasses, with the need to use clean tools and equipment to work Cupping, in addition to the importance of taking vaccinations regularly to prevent many diseases such as; Lever Inflammation


bleeding disorders,

Or use blood-thinning medications.

Cases of cracks, wounds, or skin ulcers.

Deep vein thrombosis.

Convulsive disorders.


Skin infections.

Problems with one of the internal organs of the body.

Young age groups under the age of four years.


pregnant women. Women who are menstruating.

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