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There are some important tips to take into consideration :

Massage sessions : T helped reduce hormone cortisone levels and muscle relaxant

  • Meditate and think positively:

Positive meditation, and sitting in a quiet place, makes the individual happy, and relieves him of stress and depression, as it helps the individual to find his inner peace..

  • Exercising : It is one of the best ways to give a feeling of comfort and eliminate depression. .

  • Warm bath : activates blood circulation, relieves spasms, relieves pain, gives a sense of comfort and improves the psychological state. Turkish baths or saunas help greatly to relax and feel calm and get rid of toxins .

  • breathe deeply

The process of inhaling and exhaling deeply increases the percentage of oxygen reaching the brain, and this is what works to stimulate the nervous system, thus improving the performance of the body’s organs, and a feeling of relaxation..

  • Toe stretching and relaxation technique

The idea of ​​stretching and relaxing the toes aims to link between relaxation and physical sensations. All you have to do is tighten the muscles of the toes for 5 seconds, and then relax them, and you have to repeat the process several times..

  • Imagination eliminates depression

  • If you intend to get more relaxation and relaxation and eliminate depression quickly, you can try to wander your imagination in an imaginary journey of your own making, where you go to the most beautiful places at all with your imagination, and enjoy everything you love to do, and this method works to give the individual the feeling Happiness and psychological comfort, and the elimination of depression.

  • Listen to soothing music

Music is known as food for the soul, so it does not matter what kind of music you listen to, but what is important is the goal of listening to it, as it helps the listener to enter into a good psychological state that relieves depression and gives the individual a feeling of happiness, recreation and relaxation. Doctors use music technology for psychological comfort and to treat patients from depression, and some other diseases

In terms of food:

Here we will look for food that is important from a psychological point of view

First description :

Onions have been used since ancient times as a relaxing and sleep aid because they contain quercetin , the richest types of red and yellow onions. You can eat slices of tomatoes with a small onion chopped and add olive oil. .

Second description :

Nuts are an important source of magnesium. It is called the soothing mineral salt. It is an element that helps relax muscles and avoid cramps and back pain . It helps in serotonin secretion . -Special nuts, seeds , sesame seeds roundabout sun A handful of. -milk and honey Third description :

Nutrition scientists confirm that honey has the same effect as sleeping pills without its negative effects. It is better to eat a glass of milk sweetened with some honey, as it seems that the natural sugars in this mixture enhance the secretion of serotonin, while calcium and magnesium nourish the nervous system and relieve stress . Milk also contains natural sedatives called casomorphs. Fourth recipe : Celery

Celery and carrots can be eaten with a little cheese or hummus. Celery is rich in a substance called butylphthalid, which plays the role of a natural sedative.. .

Fifth recipe : salmon

It has positive effects in improving the levels of calming neurotransmitters, so fish is one of the most prominent foods and drinks that help in relaxation .

. Fifth recipe : Hummus

Chickpeas can help lower stress hormones because it contains folate, which boosts the production of serotonin and dopamine in the body, thus helping to improve mood and reduce feelings of depression .

Now we come to herbs and oils :

We divide the pain into severe pain and mild pain

As for the severe pain?

P First recipe : a set of essential oils to olive oil :

Lemon, Lavender , Bitter Orange Flower and Basil Oil :

This ingredient is used for its calming and relaxing properties for both the body and mind, and its ability to affect a specific part of the brain called the limbic system. Responsible for generating and controlling feelings and internal motives, which leads to reducing feelings of stress and anxiety, by absorbing a little essential oils and can be brought close to the nose to inhale the aromatic scent


Take 3 drops of essential oil with 3 drops of olive oil and then apply the mixture on the back of the ruqyah and the bottoms of the feet or inside the wrists for several minutes to allow the skin to

The second recipe : is for drinking :

1 teaspoon of chamomile

a teaspoon of anise

1 teaspoon of green tea

Put the herbal ingredients, boil with water, and drink in the evening

Third description :

1 teaspoon of marjoram

1 teaspoon of lavender

1 teaspoon of oats

half cup of olive oil

The materials are ground with a regular coffee grinder and mixed with olive oil and a back and neck massage is performed

Herbal materials can be boiled with water and drunk in the evening before bedtime .

And drink it in the evening before going to sleep .

As for pain and mild tension :

First description :

3 tablespoons of chamomile

A teaspoon of honey

Boil chamomile with water, then add honey .

Second description :

2 teaspoons of anise

1 teaspoon of rosemary

The mixture is boiled, filtered and drunk in the evening

Third description :

spoonful of mustard seed

A teaspoon of nigella

a teaspoon of mint

a teaspoon of anise

A quarter cup of olive oil

The materials are ground with a coffee grinder , then the powder is added to the olive oil and mixed well, and in the evening, it is applied to the forehead, behind the ears and the neck and makes a gentle massage.


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