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benefits of vitamin d & treating insomnia

The body of vitamin D resulted in the skin when exposed to direct sunlight, as can be the required amount of vitamin D provides when most people; And this is through exposing the hands, arms, and legs to the sun daily, and directly without covering them with clothes or sunscreen . The human body produces when exposed to sunlight vitamin " D " , which has significant benefits to the body, including bone strength and prevent bowel cancer and protect the body from diabetes and dementia .

Pediatricians always recommend vitamin " D " as it is useful in building bones . And the loss of the vitamin in children causes them to develop problems and may cause them to have “ rickets ”. So ask the parents to give vitamin " D " for children through drug injection in the case of non - existence adequately in their bodies . The works of vitamin " D " in the protection of the bone in adult bodies and also prevent " bone Tchehem

The human body works on the composition of the early stages of vitamin " D " when exposed to sunlight . German dermatologist Dr. Jörg Reichrat stated that 90 percent of the vitamin " D " is obtained by the body directly through the skin, while foodstuffs cover only about 10 percent of the body's vitamin needs . " And even if someone wanted to rely on foodstuffs rich in this vitamin, such as cod liver oil or fish Alklopiday or mushroom Hitakaa, they do not cover the entire body needs vitamin " de".

But too much exposure to the sun also has harmful effects on humans, and may cause skin cancer . Experts advise, quoting " Rheinische Post " , to take into account the type of skin and its ability to accept body rays . Some skin types cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time, while others can . " Twice or three times a week in the sun and staying for about six minutes in front of the sun's rays . These doses of sunlight are sufficient for people with light or white skin and blonde or brown hair."".

Benefits of the sun for the body

There are many benefits that result from sitting in the sun, including :

  1. Better sleep at night

Natural light helps regulate the body's rhythm and biological clock .

As exposure to sunlight increases the secretion of the hormone melatonin in the body, and this hormone affects the psychological state positively, and increases the feeling of relaxation .

Exposure to sunlight is also associated with increased secretion of the hormone serotonin, which leads to a feeling of happiness, and thus reduces the chances of depression and psychological problems .

  1. bone strengthening

As the morning sunlight helps supply it with vitamin D, which helps in strengthening bones and avoiding osteoporosis .

This vitamin has the ability to protect the body from many diseases, such as heart, diabetes and tooth decay .

  1. Longer life

Several studies have proven that people who are more exposed to the sun in the early morning live longer and have better health, as well as delaying menopause in women .

This must be done on conditions so that the benefit does not turn into a risk .

  1. Strengthening the immune system

Exposure to the sun stimulates the production of white blood cells, thus enhancing the health of the immune system and reducing the chances of harmful bacteria attacking the body and causing many diseases .

  1. Avoid gaining weight

Because sunlight contributes to reducing the level of cortisol in the body, which is the hormone that causes appetite

The treatment of insomnia and the most important 6 steps to help get rid of it

  • 1. First prepare the bedroom: Your bedroom should be quiet:

A quiet bedroom helps to sleep and relax better and faster, in addition to that, the room temperature should be suitable for sleep, usually between 65 to 85 degrees, in order to enjoy a calm and deep sleep, and if you suffer from the problem of night sweats, you should in this The case is to find a way to cool the pillow and maintain its moisture, in addition to preparing the appropriate covers.

  • 2. Turn off the lights and all appliances in the room:

Darkness greatly helps the mind to relax, ask for sleep, and secrete hormones that stimulate the mind and body to sleep, and if you leave the devices working and stare at the TV for a long time, the mind immediately releases a group of hormones that prevent sleep, and therefore you must Your room is dark, and all appliances are turned off at least 60 minutes before bed so that you can

  • 3. Sleep without disturbing or feeling sleep disturbances:

You should also dispense with all electronic devices in your room, such as the TV or the PlayStation, and not use the computer or any tablet device while you are on the bed, because the bedroom is known to be a place of rest, in addition to that you should turn off your phone as soon as possible. Your going to sleep, or at least setting it in the do not disturb mode and not placing it next to you on the bed, so that it is not a source of temptation, and you open the Internet and browse and sleep goes away from you, and you return again to insomnia.

  • 4. Make sure the mattress is suitable for sleeping:

If your bed is uncomfortable, it will be a catalyst for insomnia, do not be surprised because insomnia results from discomfort, and therefore you must allocate a suitable time to take great care of your bed, and look for another bed that is comfortable for you, even if you suffer from back, neck and orthopedic diseases You should look for comfortable sleeping methods, preferably "cotton bedding" because it is comfortable for the back, which helps you get rid of insomnia, not to mention the need to wash the sheets at least once a week, for the possibility of sleeping calmly and psychologically, with the need to arrange your room every morning.

  • 5. Spray perfume in the bedroom:

It is preferable to use essential oil perfumes, which have great effectiveness in helping the human body to relax, and contribute to calming the mind, as research and reports indicated that “lavender” is the first scent that helps you get rid of insomnia and sleep calmly and deeply, and therefore it is preferable to buy one bottle From lavender perfume, and to use it as follows:

  1. You should sprinkle a few drops of lavender perfume on a piece of cloth and put it under the pillow, or mix drops of lavender with water and then spray your room with it, or massage your body with lavender oil, it helps a great way to prevent insomnia and promote relaxation.

  2. If you do not have lavender perfume, and you cannot buy it in this case, you should use a group of essential oils available to any perfumer, such as musk and sandalwood, as it is one of the best essential oils.

6. Clear the bedroom from noise and noise:

Loud sound and noise are a catalyst for insomnia, and therefore you should make a greater effort to get rid of the noise in your room, such as closing windows, windows, doors and the TV, in order to prevent any light from entering your bedroom, and it is preferable that you dispense with all the musical instruments in your room And not to leave the earphone in your ear, so as not to cause insomnia.

Second: Prepare the body for sleep:

1. The necessity of taking a warm shower:

A warm bath must be taken because it is one of the ways to combat insomnia, which helps to fall asleep quickly, as the mind is ready to put calm and reduce the factor of stress and anxiety, and these factors, if they disappear, will help prevent insomnia, a warm bath is a catalyst for raising the body temperature Which greatly helps the brain to secrete sleep hormones.

  1. You can put simple drops of essential oils in the water, such as chamomile or lavender, which have a great effect on the relaxation process..

  2. It is better to stay in the water for at least a third of an hour, provided that the water temperature is 100 degrees حرارة.

2. Have a soft warm drink before going to bed:

Eating fatty meals before going to sleep is one of the undesirable things that lead to insomnia, and therefore it is preferable to refrain from eating fatty meals directly before bed, rather than going to bed while you are hungry, and therefore the best solutions in this case are to eat a meal A snack consisting of fruit, skimmed or low-fat yogurt, green tea, or a large glass of skim milk, all of these meals help in the secretion of sleep hormones and reduce insomnia.

  1. If you want to eat a snack before bed, it must contain complex carbohydrates, such as whole-grain bread, which contribute greatly to the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness that promotes the relaxation process, and thus is an incentive to invoke sleep..

  2. Snacks include almonds, biscuits, warm skimmed milk, a cup of lightly oiled popcorn, and a piece of cottage cheese..

3. Wear comfortable sleepwear:

Before going to sleep, you should look for comfortable sleepwear, because resting in sleep is an authentic reason to get rid of insomnia and continue to sleep calmly, and therefore it is necessary to wear a “pajama” that is suitable for sleep and made of cotton materials..

4. Do some stretching exercises:

Stretching exercises also contribute to treating the problem of insomnia, because they greatly help the muscles to relax before going to sleep, and in fact, there is a study conducted within the Cancer Research Center on the category of women who practiced this type of exercise, it turned out that 30% of them were able to get rid of insomnia and sleep disorders.

  • It is easy to try to lie on your back on the mattress or on the floor with the need to bend the knee and try to reach your knee to your chin, until you feel the stretching of the back and knee tendons, for about a quarter of an hour, to be alternately switched with the other knee.

  • Sitting in a squatting position, by placing the right hand on the ground next to you, then raising the left arm above ear level and keeping your shoulders below your cheeks, and taking into account this exercise for a period of not less than a quarter of an hour.

5. Read a story or book before going to sleep :

Reading and writing is one of the most important ways to get rid of insomnia, and make you go to sleep quietly to enjoy a peaceful sleep without disturbance, but:

  • You should completely avoid choosing a story that is scary, or has its effects so that you do not feel bored.

  • Dump all the problems and events of the day into their notebook.

  • It is desirable to play some easy and simple games, such as escudo, crossword puzzles, and puzzle solving.

Learn about the treatment of insomnia and ways to treat it through the following video, Dr. Ahmed answers your questions about stress and insomnia

Third: Use distraction techniques:

Count the sheep:

This method is considered one of the effective methods in treating the problem of insomnia and helping to relax and sleep. In this case, you are required to focus mentally on “counting the sheep”, and to stay away from any problems on your mind. This method may be boring, but it often pays off in Insomnia treatment.

Relaxing the muscles of the body:

A serious attempt to relax the muscles and focus on them gradually, this method reduces insomnia and helps to sleep better, but with the need to start with the toes to the top of the head.

getting out of bed:

This method is sometimes useful and helps to get rid of insomnia, which is to get out of bed in the event of a sleep strike, and try to turn on the TV, or read a book or draw, or make a light meal, for half an hour or an hour, in order to get rid of feeling tired.


In this case, try to calm your nerves, for example, why not distract yourself in a scenario that you create for you, and think of the rainbow, or the sky and the number of clouds, as thinking about strange things may be a motive to solve the problem of insomnia and get rid of it, and it is possible to resort to Thinking of playing late at night.

Listening to music:

Music is a reason to call to sleep and get rid of insomnia.

Fourth: Resorting to some long-term solutions:

Minimize caffeine and stimulants:

If you are addicted to caffeine, and you are facing the problem of insomnia, in this case, you should stay away from caffeine and limit its intake, because caffeine is one of the stimulants that lasts in the body for up to 5 hours continuously.. Drinking herbal tea calms the nerves, thus eliminating insomnia.

Fifth: Take a sleep supplement:

There is a wide range of nutritional supplements that are widely available in health stores, or food stores, that increase the production of hormones that help sleep..

Sixth : Regular exercise :

Exercising two to three times a week helps reduce insomnia and sleep more peacefully. Try to do exercises that are beneficial to the body, such as swimming, running, and cycling, and it must be taken into account that practicing these exercises at the beginning of the day as much as possible.

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