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Jesusito Perry
Jesusito Perry

Star Trek Discovery

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Star Trek Discovery

In the future, the Federation was wounded after a galaxy-wide cataclysm destroyed almost all the starships. But even as the Discovery met with a future Starfleet, received upgrades, and looked a little more closely at its own tech and Starfleet's place in a wounded galaxy, it still never spent enough time on the Discovery itself.

So, ultimately, the central error of "Discovery," and the reason many Trekkies didn't connect with it, is that it attempted to eliminate trekking from its own formula. In so doing, it eliminated a variety of missions. It eliminated a need to establish protocol and a group dynamic among the crew. It eliminated the need for diplomacy. There were no ethical dilemmas to work through. It was all violence and sadness. And while violence and sadness have their place in "Star Trek," it shouldn't have been its basis. 59ce067264


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