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Raw steel collides with richly-stained hardwood while vintage touches and modern nuances meld in one industrial bar table design. The Titus Bar Table boasts a look that its designer, Marco Pecota, describes as unapologetically bold yet beautiful. Its versatile design and strong construction makes it perfect for both home and restaurant/bar spaces. Available in choice of Ash or Baltic Birch wood. Pairs perfectly with the Pekota Barstool. Designed by Marco Pecota. Made in Canada. It is designed and made in Canada. Some assembly required.

buy bar table

Elegant and rustic, this bar table was designed for a relaxed time with family and friends. Made of solid wood it features a metal bar on the bottom that gives stability to the product and can be used as a footrest.

Our most popular stools now have a coordinating pub table. Perfect for providing a gathering, dining, or desk space to your den or living areas. Solid wood base and wood veneer top. Flexible and durable enough to be used in the dining room, living room, or as extra kitchen counter space.

Pub tables are perfect for bar areas, or dining areas short on square footage. Take this table, for example, standing on four straight legs, in a neutral black hue that can blend in with most color palettes, you can pair it with your choice of pub chairs or bar stools. Perfect for traditional or rustic aesthetics, this rectangle table is constructed from metal with wood veneers.

This modern style new bar table is curvaceous, simple, and stylish, it can blend in with modern design furniture, perfectly decorate your room and living room, perfect for parties and conversations. The large MDF countertop provides a comfortable place to enjoy brunch, coffee, and wine.

This panel back wood swivel chair accents your space with chic, vintage fashion. This stool features a beige, fabric-upholstered seat with a swivel function, making conversations with loved ones easy and comfortable. A panel back design adds timeless, rustic charm to the piece and ample support as you perch. Crafted with solid rubberwood, this chair is perfect for those who love a farmhouse aesthetic.

The height of pub tables means the stools will be higher, making them harder for older people to get on and off of, and they would not be options for people in wheelchairs. Higher stools also mean farther to fall for small children, making the standard dining table height with lower dining chairs a better option for these groups.

Made for the ultimate sports fan, impress your buddies with this knockout from Holland Bar Stool. This L211 University of North Dakota table with cross base provides a commercial quality piece to for your Man Cave. You can't find a higher quality logo table on the market. The sublimated, full color, laminate top it attached with a VOC free, environmentally friendly, hot-melt adhesive. The plating grade steel used to build the frame ensures it will withstand the abuse of the rowdiest of friends for years to come. The structure is powder-coated black wrinkle to ensure a rich, sleek, long lasting finish. If you're finishing your bar or game room, do it right with a table from Holland Bar Stool.

Luckily, with a little measuring and preparation, learning how to choose the best bar stool height for all counter types is easier than you think. This simple guide will show you how to find the perfect seat height to fit your table or bar counter.

Bar stools are an alternative to dining chairs and often serve as compact seating for patio tables on smaller decks and balconies. Commercial bar stool heights vary because there are industry standards for bar, counter and table heights. Knowing the average height of stools, chairs and seats that fit these furnishings will help you make the right choice.

The average bar table is between 40 and 42 inches tall. Counter-height tables, like kitchen counters, are typically 34 to 36 inches high. The typical height of a dining table is roughly 28 to 30 inches. Most patio bar tables or counter-height dining tables have the same dimensions as indoor furnishings, so the guidelines are the same for indoor and outdoor furniture.

Knowing these measurements will help you greatly when purchasing your next patio bar set or individual stools, as you can simply measure the height of your table and choose chairs with the right dimensions for your setup.

Bar stools often vary in height due to their design as well. While the general seat height may be the same, armless designs may fit completely beneath your table, while high-back chairs may not. If your bar stools have arms, ensure the seat can slide under the counter without getting stuck.

Designers account for the space between the bar stool seat and standard bar and counter table heights. As long as you stick to the measurements in this guide, finding cozy bar stools with arms for your outdoor dining area should be fairly easy. To allow guests to customize their seating level, consider adjustable bar stools for your layout.

Don't forget to join us, Saturday, April 1st at 10am for our BIG Cooper River Bridge After Party. Featuring DJ's all day and night, and specials on hot dogs and hamburgers. Reserver your VIP table on the garden side to make it an even more memorable event!

This thin pour epoxy produces a rich super gloss look and is typically used for a 1/8 in. thick finish coat for bar tops, tables, river tables and most any table or counter top surface. It delivers a flood coat ideal for applications requiring a high level of see through transparency and high gloss. It can also be tinted with mica powders, dyes and alcohol pigments for stunning faux table top finishes. 041b061a72


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