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The promise is as precious as GOLD: WHAT Couple Jewelry Sets have to do with it and OTHER important questions about this sweet adornment

Even the most sceptical and realistic of people can be charmed through love, even for a short period. Flowers, intimate evenings, tender names, secretly exchanged smiles between each other - all will be a part relationship, and it's stunning. But there's a more substantial (in all senses) way to express one's sincere emotions and dedication: tokens of love made of jewellery pieces, or other lovely trinkets. And in this article, we'll look at the promise rings, their significance, purpose and what fashion says about it right now.

From the Romans to the Millenniums: What Promise Rings Symbolize Historically

According to the legend the promise rings date from Roman (yes, Roman Empire) times and represent the vow to be legally married. This jewelry was known as a betrothal band and it was used as a symbol of the engagement of spouses and families to be married. The wedding was a significant matter involving estate transfers, dowries as well as financial issues between two families. It required time and effort to get all of it to be resolved. This ring acted as the sign of an agreement guarantee.

In the Middle Ages, and even later in Renaissance time, it was popular to present special rings to sweethearts with hidden inscriptions, which hid the romantic feelings of a partner. These rings didn't mean exactly the promise to marry but in the event that the ring and commitment behind it were accepted, marriage vows were to be made soon. The idea of a love ring has been in use for a long time.

What are the meanings of promise rings in an intimate relationship?

A promise ring today is a delicate and personal matter solely shared by the couple therefore it's the responsibility of two individuals to decide the time to exchange these rings, what shape and which rings to select. Ancient Romans swapped heavy, metallic bracelets instead of rings. A subtle, stylish jewelry piece is better for wear everyday.

What does the promise ring refer to in a marriage? The commonly accepted meaning of the promise ring is openly declared commitment, and moving one step closer to getting married and engagement. It's not the same as the engagement ring as modern engagement prescribes that you have a precise timeline for the preparations for marriage and also the ceremony itself. It is possible to tie the knot at the end of the year following your date of your engagement. This means that you have 12 months to plan the wedding, mail invitations, choose a venue, select a florist and organize all the mock-wedding parties and dinners.

What exactly does a promise ring signify from a lover? This is a simple promise to be married, but it does not start the countdown until your wedding. There could be a number of situations that block you or your loved one from deciding on a particular wedding date. For instance, both must complete your studies and achieve financial stability before making a family nest. Maybe one of you is in the military, or on an extended vacation abroad, and prior to when your partner returns, there's no point in putting every day of the year. Perhaps, you both are younger and you have to take a year or two for the legal age to get married. These meanings can be preserved in case you are wondering what a promise ring means from a female friend to be sure. It's a promise to come back 'yes'.

The promise ring can be a wonderful option to start the vows, without having begin planning your wedding. Making and accepting these rings is an individual and emotional act. Choose them carefully and choose the best time to exchange them.


This ring reads: My owner has a long-term relationship with someone else, and are planning to marry the person at some point (they aren't sure about a date yet). This ring may not be as exciting as an engagement ring, for certain, but it's an important symbol for couples who are in love and wish to spend the rest of their life together.

The promise ring for people who don't believe in marriage is an equivalent to a 'Yes! I Do formula, cast in silver or gold.

This indicates that the relationship has ended and the relationship has entered the commitment and exclusive phase.

Sometimes, a promise is made to get married. Other times, it's an obligation that is made in lieu of vows for marriage. That's the answer to the question of what is the purpose behind a promise ring? The other senses are not included in this. Before you or your loved ones buy this item, engage in an honest discussion on the time and method you will use to officially establish your relationship.

The Item of Immeasurable Value: HOW MUCH DO PROMISE rings cost and what is the amount to purchase them?

Promise rings are available in many different styles and materials. This means that you don't have to spend an arm a leg on the rings. Also, you'll have to shell out quite a bit for engagement rings and wedding bands. All of this adds up, and we're left with the question of what do you need to spend on promise rings for women (and males)?

It's true that you can spend however much you want, ordering an engraved ring, or purchasing the ready model you like. Your budget and your taste will decide what you pick. Wedding planners advise spending up to $2,000 for this kind of jewelry. It's enough. A promise ring is typically a subtle understated piece, which is then stacked with an engagement ring or wedding ring that can be worn every day.

The sleek models that lack shining shine and stones can remain stylish and sophisticated for everyday use. The slim rings that have interesting shapes as well as smaller stones can be found within the few hundred dollar brackets, and they convey this careless chic that elevates any outfit you put on. You can invest between $200 and $400 on the promise ring that will be the focal point on your loved ones' jewellery collection.

The strategic placement of the Promise Ring. Which hand to wear the Promise Ring? And why

The ring is a versatile piece which can be worn almost anywhere on your hand. However, to keep away from any awkward or confusing questions, you should not place it on the left finger that is the ring. This simple trick will stop people from thinking that the ring is an engagement ring. Then, you can inform them about your plans for marriage when you're getting ready.

Or to the contrary If you're trying to let the world know that you've found your other half and you're planning to tie the knot with them someday, and that's what promises mean to a woman, place it on your left finger. What's wrong with that, right?

It can be worn on the ring finger of the right hand or the middle finger on either hand (middle fingers are believed to be connected to the heart and Romans used to wear these rings as such). You may also alter the finger to suit what you feel like wearing it and your style preferences. You know the significance of the ring, and that's why it's so important.


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