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This book aims to help improve the function of the respiratory muscles through specific exercises, positions and breathing. It is helpful in improving respiratory functions of people with any chronic conditions like COPD, asthma or in athletes and healthy individuals as well to promote enhanced functioning. Because the respiratory muscles are also essential for postural control and core stability, with

this course one can also improve conditions like back pain and reduce falls risk. An understanding of this technique can, therefore, enhance the practice of physiotherapists from a range of backgrounds and the general population. This course aims to provide you with an understanding of the emergence, advancement and techniques behind chest physiotherapy. At the end of this book, you will be able to, design or self-treat the respiratory condition in variety of patients ranging from athletes to chronic conditions, identify the mechanism behind each condition, rationale in between different conditions, list the indications – contraindications and precautions while doing the exercise.

Apart from the basic medical knowledge, there will also emphasize on the effects of herbs and many natural techniques, which will fasten the process of recovery. There are variety of recipes for inhalation and massage included in this course. All treatment options will be explained under one roof.


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