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holistic massage techniques Course (101)
Course description

Do you want to learn holistic massage techniques? This course, developed by Dr. Sous, will prepare candidates to work in one of the fastest growing health professions in Canada. This course is currently being offered at an unbelievable price of CAD $9 (USD $7.13) only until 31 Dec 2021, the regular price is CAD $99 (USD $78.45). It also offers access to e-book with details about holistic approach to massage techniques along with 100+ informative videos.  25% of income goes to “Dr. Sous Health Way Foundation” which helps people in need to have access to these courses and get a chance to learn & grow.

This field has been growing rapidly as a result of a healthcare system that promotes individual well-being. You will learn, first-hand, how to assess your clients and their needs, as well as how to maintain, rehabilitate, and augment physical function to relieve pain. You’ll also study massage theory and practice. The course breaks down in detail basic and advanced massage techniques. This course covers, history and development of massage techniques, anatomy and physiology of human body, biomechanics and kinesiology of all the major joints of the body, physiological effects of massage on various systems of our body, classification of massage movements, techniques of massage, indications and contraindications of massage, use of herbs and herb infused oil, benefits of herbal inhalations, gargling and scrubs, use of hot and cold therapy for pain relief, Contrast bath, stretching techniques, active, passive and resistive massage techniques for different conditions like ankylosing spondylitis, bell’s palsy and many more.





  3. ANATOMY: Regional anatomy, Planes of the body, Skeletal system, Classification of bones, Joints of the body & Muscular system.

  4.  KINEMATICS: Biomechanics of body movements, biomechanics of shoulder joint, elbow joint, hands, biomechanics of lumbar spine, biomechanics of hip, knee and ankle joints.

  5. PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF MASSAGE: Effects of massage on the circulatory, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, digestive, endocrine, respiratory and neurological system.

  6. CLASSIFICATION OF MASSAGE MOVEMENTS: Includes depth, duration, direction, speed and rhythm of strokes, techniques used in massage which is effleurage, petrissage, wringing, rolling, tapotement, vibration, cross fiber friction and thumb press, indications and contraindications of massage.

  7. HERBS AND HERB INFUSED OIL: Recipes of oils for upper back pain, recipes for oil making for acute and chronic lower back pain.

  8. HERBAL POULTICE (PASTE) RECIPES FOR PAIN RELIEF: Recipes for herbal poultices for neck and shoulder pain & back pain.

  9. HERBAL INHALATIONS AND GARGLING FOR RELAXATION: Benefits of steam inhalations, Inhalations using herbs, use of essential oils and its benefits, some recipes for preparing steam inhalations for relaxation and pain relief.

  10. SCRUBS AND PEELING RECIPES TO REJUVINATE SKIN AND REDUCE PAIN: Recipes for making scrubs for head and neck, acute and chronic back pain.

  11. OTHER TECHNIQUES: Hot and cold therapy, contrast bath, general stretching techniques, active, passive and resisted range of motion exercises.

  12. APPLICATION OF MASSAGE THERAPY: Guidelines for therapist, Preparation of client for massage, application of massage on different parts of the body.

  13. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: How to do massage for these conditions ; Ankylosing Spondylitis, bell’s palsy, carpal tunnel syndrome, constipation, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, headache or migraine, plantar fasciitis, OA knee.

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