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The GroveThe Walking Dead : Season 4 Episode 14

"The Grove" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of the post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead, which aired on AMC on March 16, 2014. The episode was written by Scott M. Gimple and directed by Michael E. Satrazemis.

The GroveThe Walking Dead : Season 4 Episode 14

"The Grove" was written by executive producer and showrunner Scott M. Gimple, his eighth writing credit for the series, and second of the season after the premiere episode. It was directed by series cinematographer Michael E. Satrazemis, marking his directorial debut.[3]

No, I don't think there was really any other option. There's a lot of nature versus nurture going on in this episode to look at. As much as it broke Carol's heart to have to do this and to realize this had to be done. They were walking toward the flowers in that scene and Lizzie says, "You're mad at me and I'm sorry." You'd think she'd be sorry for stabbing her sister to death, but instead she's sorry for pointing gun at her, so she just doesn't get it. It's not a world that's safe for anyone. The ability to fight isn't a one-size fits all; everybody is different. Thematically, there's a lot said about change. Something I got out of this episode for Carol, too, is that you have to change. The world will change you -- you have to adapt or die. It's about hanging on to that part of yourself: You can change but don't lose yourself. That's what was happening to Carol -- her mindset -- she was so hell-bent on protecting these children that she lost a bit of something, and that was her nurturing aspect. She was missing a lot of stuff because her eyes were so set on survival.[4]

So far on season four of AMC's The Walking Dead, every plot point has been driving our heroes on toward the mysterious Terminus. Some travel there in search of their missing loved ones, others seek the promised safety and security of the gathering place at the end of the line. Still others, like the unlucky travelers of tonight's episode, head toward the unknown entity of Terminus because everything else is already horrific by comparison, and the desire to leave these nightmares behind them propel them forward to the promised land. We'll have to wait another couple of episodes to see if that promise is made good, but for now, we'll reflect on "The Grove". Hit the jump.

"The Grove" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is the forty-ninth episode of the series overall. It premiered on March 16, 2014. It was written by Scott Gimple and directed by Michael Satrazemis.

Tyreese carries a Walther P22 during the latter half of the season. Lizzie Samuels (Brighton Sharbino) also uses a Walther P22 in "Too Far Gone" (S4E08). In "Inmates" (S4E10), Tyreese gives the pistol to Mika to defend herself. Lizzie is also seen using it again in "The Grove" (S4E14). Carol handles the pistol in the same episode.

Phillip Blake, aka The Governor, carries a Steyr AUG A1 during a hunting trip in "Dead Weight" (S4E07). It is unknown if this is supposed to be the weapon he carried during the third season, since he wasn't seen with it in the previous episodes of Season 4 (though it is likely since it may have been left in the truck Martinez took from the Governor and ultimately ended up at the camp with). The weapon is likely meant to be a full-auto conversion of an AUG SA, a semi-automatic variant of the A1 which was imported to the US for civilian use before being banned in 1989. Fully-automatic AUGs are extremely rare in the United States, as unlike the M4A1 they are not military issue and are not used by any law enforcement entities apart from US Customs and Immigration Enforcement. The civilian variant of the AUG is the AUG A3 SA which has a newer design than the A1.

What better way to celebrate the upcoming 11th and final season of The Walking Dead than by taking a look at what led to where we are? Below, we take a look at the best episodes of the AMC drama, including heartbreaking deaths and where it all began.

They didn't show Judith at the end of the episode when Carol and Tyreese were walking away, but if you paid attention you could tell she was there. He was wearing a yellow pouch on his back. Paying attention to it you could tell that it was Judith and could see her head with a hood on it.

Likewise Carol comes to personal realisation over Lizzie who has more than a few Roos bounding in the top paddock. Lizzie believes the undead are humans who are simply living in another state to the rest of us, pick up the hark back to Hershel barn in season two. We learn it was Lizzie feeding the mice to the walkers at the prisoner, Lizzie who tortured and mutilated the rat Tyreese found in the Tombs, and she is progressing with her dark passenger. Carol has to save Lizzie from a walker she is apparently playing tag with, that would be extreme tag I guess, and Lizzie goes bat shit crazy when Carol kills her "friend". Just when we think Carol might be getting through to Lizzie, the girl commits a shocking act that there is no coming back from. But there is the simple fact that Carol comes to a realisation of her role in the world, and I guess with confessing to Tyreese that there are implicationfs for her taking on that role.

There's a recurrent theme involving in The Walking Dead that is given some room in this episode, people find apparently safety, it seems to be going well, and then the walls come crumbling down with generally an undead horde pouring through those walls. Due to events in the episode the rather peaceful and idyllic grove discovered by Carol and Mika is no longer the haven it was at the beginning of the episode; we close with Carol and Tyreese resuming their journey toward Terminus and whatever that might actually be.

I'm not just calling The Grove the best episode thus far of season four I'm calling it the best ever episode of The Walking Dead. We have some action, lots of drama, and hell yes a lot of pathos. Once again Carol shows she is a hard arse and is capable of doing the hard things that others are not prepared to do. Clearly Carol is a survivor and Tyreese isn't going to be making the ten year anniversary party. Full recommendation on this episode, kind of think you can watch this one without having watched nearly four sessions, but hey your choice there. If you like great television then drop your linen and start your grinning, The Grove is going to be appearing on a lot of best of television lists this year.

I think the thing that allows us to do it and gives us a chance to do that extra stuff is just planning. Knowing where we're going from the start. I came in with the season fairly well mapped out, especially the first eight [episodes], and provided that to the writers. So we had a really big basis for our conversations from the beginning. It gave us that opportunity in big ways and small ways.

I'm very lucky to have worked on the show since Season 2, so it wasn't jumping into the unknown. I knew everybody, I loved working with everybody. There was a lot of brilliance there and a lot of support there. I'd just done episode 15 with Greg [Nicotero], who I'd worked with throughout the seasons I worked on the show, but it was just such a cool experience. Also, there was so much to do because I got started a little late, just because of the transition and everything. It was kind of like jumping out of an airplane, but with a parachute that I had a lot of faith in.

Is The Walking Dead Universe telling one last tale about Tyreese Williams? Chad Coleman, who played the hammer-swinging zombie apocalypse survivor in Seasons 3-5 of The Walking Dead, may be the first series star to return for AMC's episodic anthology spinoff Tales of the Walking Dead. The first season is now in production in Georgia and will consist of six standalone episodes focused on new and established characters set in the world of The Walking Dead, including those who have already died on the flagship and its spinoffs. 041b061a72


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