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Joseph Mitchell
Joseph Mitchell

[S2E29] Girl Meets The Bay Window

Farkle joins the girls, and Maya notices how much he has changed since they first met. Maya then asks if Riley remembers their meeting, and Riley recalls (in the first of several flashback scenes in this episode) how Farkle saved her life twice while bobbing for apples at her Halloween party. Riley then repeats they're going to change the Bay Window, which Lucas overhears as he climbs through the window to join them. When Riley asks how changing the Bay Window affects him as he didn't grow up with them, Lucas replies that he understands how special the Bay Window is to Riley and Maya, which makes it special to him; He then admits that being friends with them has changed him in the best possible ways. While Maya is still against changing the Bay Window, Riley says that they need to focus more on who they're going to be. Maya firmly says that Riley is never touching the Bay Window, but Riley, to Maya's consternation, begins the makeover by yanking down one of the window's accent curtains.

[S2E29] Girl Meets the Bay Window



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